Plants for Clay Soils


for a clay soils  (Neutral to slightly acid)

Clay soils hold moisture during the winter months and are often dry in summer, adding humus such as leaf-mould, compost or well rotted manure and grit will assist drainage in the winter and moisture retention in the summer as well as helping to give the soil a finer tilth. Plants that do well in this type of soil are hardy, not difficult to grow and often thought of as ‘ordinary’. They include many excellent trees and a choice of deciduous and evergreen shrubs.

Abelia (all) Cotinus (all) Hypericum (all) Rosa
Aralia elata Cotoneaster (all) Lonicera (all) Skimmia (all)
Aronia (all) Cytisus (all) Mahonia (all) Spiraea (all)
Aucuba japonica cultivars Deutzia (all) Magnolia (all) Symphoricarpos (all)
Berberis (all) Escallonia (all) Osmanthus (all) Viburnum (all)
Brachyglottis Dunedin Group ‘Sunshine’ Forsythia (all) Philadelphus (all) Weigela (all)
Chaenomeles (all) Genista (all) Potentilla (all)  
Choisya (all) Hamamellis (all) Pyracantha (all)  
Corylus (all) Hibiscus syriacus cultivars Rhododendron Hardy Hybrids  
Abies (all) Juniperus (all) Pinus (all) Taxus (all)
Chamaecyparis (all) Larix (all) Taxodium distichum  
Phyllostachys (all)  Sasa veitchii    
Acer (all) Carpinus (all) Ilex (all) Quercus (all)
Aesculus (all) Crataegus (all) Laburnum (all) Salix (all)
Alnus (all) Eucalyptus (all) Populus (all) Sorbus (all)
Betula (all) Fraxinus (all) Prunus (all) Tilia (all)