Plant Catalogue – Tress


TILIA Large growing, deciduous, trees. Often used for ?pleaching?, the training of trees to form a screen at tree height. The flowers of some are toxic to bees and others are hosts to aphids. Generally only available as bare root plants from November to end of January.

T. cordata AGM   Small ivory coloured, fragrant flowers in July. Glossy dark green, heart shaped, leaves, greyish below. Height a medium to large tree of rounded habit, 8 to 12 metres often more. Spread 5 to 8 metres.

T. x euchlora AGM   Small yellowish flowers in July, buy alprazolam south america aphid free but narcotic to bees. Dark green rounded, leaves, greyish below. Height a medium sized tree with arching branches, 8 to 12 metres. Spread 5 to 8 metres.

T. ‘Petiolaris’ AGM Sweetly scented white flowers in July and August. Pointed, heart-shaped leaves, dark green above, silver beneath. Height a large tree 8 to 12 metres, more eventually. Spread slender branches form a wide spread 5 metres or more.

T. platyphyllos Yellow white flowers in pendulous cluster in June and July.  Pale to mid green leaves, broad and heart shaped, downy below. Height a large rounded tree 8 to 12 metres. Spread 5 to 8  metres.