Alnus Trees Plant Catalogue

ALNUS Deciduous trees which will thrive in wet situations. Best in full sun in any moist or even waterlogged soil.

Alnus cordata AGM Yellow male catkins appear in late winter and early spring. heart shaped glossy deep green leaves. Height a fast growing conical shaped tree, 12 metres plus. Spread 4 to 6 metres.

Alnus glutinosa ?Imperialis? AGM Bears yellowish catkins in March. Mid to dark green, deeply and finely cut, leaves, young growth and leaves sticky when they appear in spring. Height a small to medium buy alprazolam powder sized tree, 3 to 8 metres. Spread 3 to 5 metres. Will not grow in shallow chalk soils.

Alnus incana Red tinted catkins in April. Oval green leaves, greyish beneath. Height a fast growing tree, conical in shape and broadening with age, about 12 metres.
Alnus incana ‘Aurea’ Red tinted catkins in April. Young shoots and leaves yellow in spring gradually turning pale green in the summer. Height a small tree or large shrub, 3 to 7 metres.