Catalogue – Trees


POPULUS Often large growing trees suitable for many soils including wet and chalk soils. The roots will search out water so they should not be planted  near to drains or buildings.

Populus albaP. alba Leaves grey-green above, with white, woolly undersides, turning yellow in autumn, deciduous. Height  a suckering tree 10 to 12 metres. Spread 5 to 8 metres.

P. alba ?Raket? Leaves, grey-green, above, white and woolly below, turning yellow in the autumn, deciduous. Height a narrow upright tree 10 to 12 metres. Spread 2 to 3 metres.
P. balsamifera Mid green, small, heart shaped leaves which smell of balsam as they appear in Spring. Upright growing to 12 or 15 metres.  Spread 6 to 10 metres.
P. x jackii ‘Aurora’ Heart shaped leaves splashed pink and white, turn green later, deciduous. Smells of balsam in May. Height medium to broad headed tree to 10 metres, can be pruned hard in spring to encourage the vigorous young growth Spread  6 to 8 metres. 

P. nigra ‘Italica’ AGM Diamond shaped, bright green leaves, deciduous. Height a large fast growing columnar tree 10 to 15 metres often more. Spread 2 to 3 metres.

P. tremula AGM Long grey catkins in February.  Grey green toothed leaves, tremble in the wind, and turn yellow in the autumn, deciduous. Height a medium sized suckering tree 6 to 10 metres. Spread 3 to 5 metres.
 Populus trichocarpaP. trichocarpa