Catalogue – Shrubs


Leucothoe–  Moist, well drained, acid, soil in partial shade.


L. fontainsiana (Was Leucothoe walteri) White flowers in May.  Leathery green leaves which turn bronze-red or beetroot purple in winter, evergreen.  Height 1 to 2 metres.  Spread a suckering shrub 1 to 1.5 metres. 
L. fontainsiana ?Rainbow? (Was L. walteri ?Rainbow?) White flowers in May. Leathery green leaves, splashed cream yellow and pink and green often purple in winter, evergreen. Height 1 to 2 metres. Spread a suckering Shrub 1 to1.5 metres.
L. SCARLETTA ?Zeblid?  Rarely flowers. Leathery green leaves which turn bronze red or beetroot purple in winter. Evergreen. Height a dwarf shrub to 0.5 metres.  Spread 0.5 to 1 metre.