Plant Catalogue – Shrubs


Photinia ? Moist well drained soil in full sun. E


P. davidiana ‘Palette’  Clusters of white flowers in June followed by matt red berries. Young growth pink tinged and splashed cream and green gradually turning green, evergreen.  Height May reach 2 metres. Spread 1.5 to 2metres. 
P. x fraseri ‘Little Red Robin’ Older plants may have clusters of small white flowers. Glossy green leaves, young growth brilliant red, evergreen. Height a compact form growing to about 1 metre. Spread about 1 metre.
P. x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ AGM Brilliant red leaves when young gradually turning dark green, evergreen. On mature plants heads of white flowers appear in April and May. Height up to about 3 metres. Spread about 2 metres.
P. ‘Redstart’ Clusters of white flowers in June followed by orange red berries, flushed yellow. Dark green leathery leaves, reddish when young, evergreen. Height a fast growing shrub to 3 metres. Spread 2 to 3 metres.
P. serratifolia Glossy dark green, toothed, leaves, red when young. Does not generally flower. Height about 3 metres. Will tolerate chalk soils.