aetnensis, hispanica, ‘Lydia’, pilosa, tinctoria ‘Royal Gold’ Plant Catalogue – Shrubs



GenistaShrubs for hot and sunny sites in well drained soils.


Genista aetnensisG. aetnensis AGM Fragrant, pea-like golden-yellow flowers in July and August. Very small green leaves on rounded stems, deciduous. Height and spread large shrub to about 3 metres, sometimes more. S Unfortunately no seed germination so not available 2016/2017

Genista hispanicaG. hispanica Dense clusters of golden-yellow flowers in May and June. Tiny green leaves on spiny branches, deciduous. Height 0.6 metres. Spread about 1 to 1.5 metres.  S
Genista lydiaG. ?Lydia? AGM  Masses of pea-like, buy alprazolam bangkok bright yellow flowers in May and June. Very small green leaves, deciduous.  Height a dwarf arching shrub to 0.6 metres. Spread about 1.5 metres. S
Genista pilosaG. pilosa Cascade of golden yellow flowers in May and June. Small green leaves.  Height 0.6metres. Spread about 1 metre.  S

Genista tinctoria Royal GoldG. tinctoria ?Royal Gold? AGM Masses of, rich yellow, pea-like, flowers from May to September. Small green leaves, deciduous. Height and Spread a small shrub to about 1.5 metres. S