Climbing and Rambling Roses Plant Catalogue



R = Rambling  C = Climbing  Sh = Shrub
* = Will tolerate light shade. N = Will tolerate a North wall.
T – a good tree rose. AGM = Award of Garden Merit issued by the Royal Horticultural Societ


  Rosa Adelaide d OrleansAdelaide d’Orleans AGM   (Semperflorens) Small, creamy white, semi double. Almost evergreen. Delicately scented. 5 metres One flush.
  Aimee Vibert * R (Noisette)  Clusters of small, pure white blooms. Fragrant. 4 metres. Repeat flowering.
  Rosa Alberic BarbierAlberic Barbier AGM * N T R (Wichuraiana) Creamy white with lemon tints, fully double, quartered.  Dark glossy foliage. Good scent. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa AlbertineAlbertine AGM T R (Wichuraiana) Copper buds opening to large, coppery pink  flowers. Glossy foliage. Heavy scent. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa AlchymistAlchymist * C (Modern) Large, full, rosette shaped flowers of pale yellow, flushed orange. 4 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Alecs red ClimberAlec’s Red Climbing (Climbing HT) Cherry Red, double, very fragrant flowers, repeat flowering. Height 5 metres.
  Rosa Alexander GiraultAlexandre Girault * R (Wichuriana) Large, full, quartered blooms of reddish pink.  Fragrant 4 metres. One flush.
  Alibaba (Climbing Floribunda) Glowing salmon, peach and reddish pink. Repeat flowering with an unusual strong fruity fragrance. 3 metres.
  Rosa Alister Stella GreyAlister Stella Gray * T C (Noisette) Dainty, yolk yellow buds opening to cream. Repeat. Fragrant. 5 metres.
  Rosa AlohaAloha AGM C (Climbing HT)  Pink with a coral centre. Full blooms. Fragrant.  Continuous flowering.  3 metres.
  Rosa AltissimAltissimo C (Modern) Large, single, velvety scarlet blooms. Dark foliage. Continuous flowering. 3 metres.
  Rosa American PillarAmerican Pillar * R (Wichuraiana) Large trusses of single, bright pink with a white eye. Late flowering. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Arthur BellArthur Bell AGM C (Climbing floribunda) Enormous bunches of creamy yellow. Repeat flowering. 5 metres.
  banksiae var banksiae R (Species) Clusters of white button flowers. Slight scent. Will reach 6 metres. One flush.
  Rosa banksiae luteabanksiae ‘Lutea’ AGM R (Species) As banksiae with butter yellow sprays of flowers.  7 metres. One flush.

  Rosa Bantry BayBantry Bay * N C (Climbing HT) Clusters of large, semi double to double bright pink flowers. Repeats. 4 metres.

  Rosa BelvedereBelvedere R (Rambler) Clusters of soft pink, cupped small flowers. Fragrant. 6 metres.



Rosa Blairii No 2Blairi No 2 AGM C (Bourbon) Large, full flat blooms of pale pink with deeper
centres. Richly scented. 2 to 3 metres Repeats


  Rosa BlossomtimeBlossomtime C (Modern) Interior light pink to rosy white, darker reverse. Very double, large flowers. Fragrant. Recurrent. 2 metres.


  Blush Rambler R (Rambler) Light pink semi double cupped flowers. Fragrant.  4 metres . One flush.Rosa Blush Rambler 2


  Rosa Blushing LucyBlushing Lucy R (Rambler) Clusters of loose, semi-double, pink flowers with a white centre and golden stamens. Fragrant. Unusually for a rambler repeat flowering. 4 metres.
  Bobbie James AGM * N T R (Rambler) Large heads of creamy white, semi double flowers.  Fragrant. Good growth. One flush. 10 metres.


  Rosa Breath of LifeBreath of Life C (Climbing HT) Very pale apricot-salmon flowers. HT type. Perpetual  flowering. 5 metres.


  Rosa Bright FireBright Fire C Smal orange vermillion to scarlet, scented, flowers. 3 metres.
  Rosa brunoni La Mortolabrunoni La Mortola R (Moschata) Large single white flowers with a strong scent. Silvery grey foliage. tender so needs a sheltered site. 6 to 7 metres.
  Casino * N C (Climbing HT) Enormous pale yellow flowers. Scented. Repeats. 3 to 4 metres.Rosa Casino
  Rosa Climbing Cecile BrunneCecile Brunner AGM   C (Climbing Chinensis)  Very vigorous, miniature, double shell pink flowers. 8 to 9 metres. Once flowering.
  Rosa Claire JacquierClaire Jacquier * NT C (Noisette) Small clusters of deep golden yellow flowers. Repeat  flowering. Fragrant. 5 metres. 
  Rosa ColumbianColumbia C (Climbing) Strong pink, very fragrant conservatory rose. 2 to 3 metres.  Repeats.
  Rosa Compassion Compassion AGM C (Climbing HT) Pinky apricot, strong fragrance. Perpetual flowering.  Dark green foliage. 3 to 4 metres.


  Rosa CooperiCooperi C (Species) Large single white blooms, repeats. Dark polished foliage. 6 to 7 metres
  Rosa Creme de la CremeCreme de la Creme C (Climber) Very large white flowers gradually turningto cream. Scented. 4 to 5 metres.
  Rosa Crimson CascadeCrimson Cascade C Dark red, slightly scented. 2 metres.
  Rosa Crimson ShowersCrimson Shower AGM * R (Rambler) Rosy red small rosettes in clusters. Flowers mid summer and continuous to September. 5 metres.


  Rosa Cupid Rosa Cupid hipsCupid N C (Climbing HT) Large, almost single flesh pink flowers, tinted apricot. Vigorous. One flush. 4 metres.


  Rosa Danse de FeuDanse de Feu * N C/R (Modern) Double flame scarlet blooms with bronze tinted foliage. Repeat flowering. Slight scent. 4 metres.
  Rosa Deprez a fleuer JauneDesprez a Fleurs Jaunes * T C (Noisette) Flat, quartered flowers with a button eye. Lemon yellow with rose pink centre. Fragrant. 6 to 7 metres. Repeats.
  Rosa Dizzy HeightsDizzy Heights C Light red, slightly fragrant. 2.2 metres.
  Rosa Dorothy PerkinsDorothy Perkins R (Rambler) Clusters of powdery pink button flowers. Free flowering. 3 to 4 metres. One flush.
  Rosa DortmundDortmund AGM * C (Hybrid Scots Briar) Large, single crimson flowers with white centres. Will repeats if dead headed. Good hips in Autumn. 3 to 4 metres.


  Rosa Dreaming SpiresDreaming Spires C Bright golden yellow. Repeats. Dark green foliage. 4 metres.
  Rosa Dublin BayDublin Bay AGM C (Modern) Crimson scarlet, semi double clusters of flowers.  Perpetual flowering. Fragrant. 2 to 3 metres.
  Rosa Eden Rose Eden Rose 88 * C (Climbing HT) Creamy white, double, suffused pink. Fragrant  2 to 3 metres. Continuous.


  Rosa Emily GrayEmily Gray * N T R (Wichraiana) Semi double, buff yellow clusters of flowers. Glossy foliage, tinted bronze when young. 4 metres. One flush.


  Rosa Climbing Ena HarknessEna Harkness * N C (Climbing HT) Climbing version of the well-known HT. Crimson scarlet. 5 metres. Highly scented. Summer flowering.


  Etandard C (Was Red New Dawn) Medium red floribunda flowers with a slight scent. Repeat to continuous flowering. 4 metres. Rosa Etandard
  Rosa Etoile de HollandeEtoile de Hollande AGM C (Climbing HT) Deep red, large, very double flowers. Strong fragrance. Repeats. 4 metres.
  Rosa Felicite PerpetueFelicite Perpetue AGM * N T R (Rambler) Double, creamy white large clusters, delicate fragrance. Pink tinted buds. One flush. 5 metres.
  Rosa filipes Kiftsgatefilipes Kiftsgate AGM * T R (Species) Enormous bunches of single white flowers, scented. Good tree rose. Up to 10 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Frances E LesterFrancis E Lester AGM * N T R (Hybrid Musk)  White delicately tinted with blush at the edges. Strong fragrance. Orange hips in the Autumn. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Francois JuranvilleFrancois Juranville AGM * NT R (Wichuraiana) Flat, double salmon pink, tinged gold towards the centre. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Galway BayGalway Bay C (Climbing HT) Cerise pink, free flowering. Makes a good pillar rose. 3 to 4 metres. Perpetual.
  Rosa GardeniaGardenia * R (Wichuraiana) Shapely cream buds opening to blooms of milky white. Dark green, glossy foliage. 6 to 7 metres. Repeats.
  Rosa Ghislaine de FeligondeGhislaine de Feligonde *N R (Musk Rambler) Clusters of orangey-yellow flowers changing to creamy buff. Continuous. Almost thornless. 6 metres.
  Ginger Syllabub (Climber) Fully double apricot flowers with paler petals at the edges, scent. Repeat flowering. Height 2.5 metres.                                Rosa Ginger Syllabub
  Rosa Gloire de DijonGloire de Dijon C (Climbing Tea) Large, full buff to orange flowers. Scented and free flowering. Recurrent. 4 metres.
  Rosa GlorianaGloriana C (Miniature Climber) Small flowers of grape purple, free flowering. 3 metres.
  Rosa Golden ShowersGolden Showers AGM * N C (Modern) Bright yellow, semi double, fading to cream. Perpetual. Fragrant 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa GolfdfinchGoldfinch * C (Rambler) Large clusters of small button like yellow flowers .  Strong scent, 2 to 3 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Good as GoldGood as Gold  (Miniature Climber) Clusters of small yellow flowers with a good fragrance. 3 metres.
  Rosa Gruss an TeplitzGruss an Teplitz C (China Hybrid) Clusters of crimson flowers deepening with age, strong spicy scent. Perpetual. 2 metres. ALTHOUGH TECHNICALLY A SHRUB ROSE  ( In our Chinensis shrub rose section) IT CAN BE GROWN AS A SHORT CLIMBER
  Rosa GuineeGuinee C (Climbing HT) Dark, velvety red double flowers. Repeat. 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa HandelHandel AGM C (Modern) Creamy white, edged deep pink. Perpetual. 4 metres.
  Rosa helenaehelenae * T R (Species) Cream single, large clusters. Yellow in bud. Fragrant. Tiny orange hips. Attractive foliage. 6 to 7 metres.
  Hidcote Yellow * NT C  (Climbing) Was known as Lawerence Johnston Bright yellow, semi double. Strong growth. Repeats. Height 7.5 metres.
  High Hopes AGM C Fragrant light pink HT shaped flowers. 3 metres.
  Rosa IcebergIceberg AGM * N C (Climbing floribunda) Masses of white flowers in large clusters 6 metres. Summer flowering.
  Rosa Kew RamblerKew Rambler R (Rambler) Single soft pink flowers with deeper edges. 6 metres.
  Rosa Climbing Lady HillingdonLady Hillingdon AGM C (Climbing HT) Apricot buds opening yolk yellow. Very fragrant. Glossy bronze foliage. Warm wall. 5 metres. Repeats.
  Lady Sylvia C (Climbing HT) Creamy, rose pink orange base. Double blooms. Fragrant. Repeat flowering. 5 metres.
  Laura Ford AGM (Climbing Miniature) Small clusters of amber yellow, pink tinged flowers, continuous flowering. Height 2.4 metres.Rosa Laura Ford
  Lawrence Johnston SEE HIDCOTE YELLOW
  Leaping Salmon C (Climbing HT) Beautiful clear deep salmon pink. Up to 3 to 4 metres. Repeats.Rosa Leaping Salmon
  Leverkusen AGM * C/R (Modern) Lemon yellow clusters of rosette shaped flowers. Fragrant. Continuous flowering. 3 Rosa Leverkusenmetres.
  Little Rambler AGM R (Miniature Rambler) Light pink sweetly scented flowers that fade with age, repeats. 2.5 metres. Rosa Little Rambler
  Rosa Mme Alfred CarriereMme Alfred Carriere AGM   * NT C (Noisette) Creamy white, tinged pink. Perpetual. Very fragrant. 4 to 5 metres.

Rosa Mme Alice GarnieMme Alice Garnier * R (Wichuraiana) Trusses of buff, apricot and pink. Fully double, very fragrant. One flush. 3 to 4 metres.

  Rosa Mme Caroline TestoutMme Caroline Testout  C (Climbing HT) Large, clear rose pink globular scented flowers. Repeats. 5 metres.
  Mme Gregoire Staechelin AGM * N (Climbing HT) Large with a deeper pink reverse, semi double, very, scented. Once flowering 5 metres.

Rosa Maid of Kent

Maid of Kent C (Climbing Floribunda) Soft pink, semi double medium sized blooms. Light scent. Repeats. Strong & Vigorous. Height 3.5 metres.

  Rosa MaigoldMaigold AGM * C/Sh (Hybrid Scots Briar) Bronze yellow single blooms. Repeat flowering. Early fragrant . 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa Malvern HillsMalvern Hills R Clusters of medium to large clusters of scented soft-yellow double flowers. repeats. Very few thorns. Height 3 metres.
  Rosa Marechal NielMarechal Niel C (Noisette) Deep yellow, drooping blooms. Strong fragrance. For greenhouse or warm wall. Repeats. 5 metres.
  Rosa Climbing MasqueradeMasquerade C (Climbing Floribunda) Clusters of semi-double flattish flowers openingyellow and changing to red with age. 5 metres.
  Rosa May QueenMay Queen * N T R (Wichuraiana) Lilac pink, semi double flat flowers. Very fragrant. Repeats. Can be used as a climber. 5 metres. One flush.
  Meg C (Climbing HT) Coral and peach single flowers, fragrant. Needs a warm wall. Can reach 9 metres.
  Rosa MermaidMermaid AGM N C (Climber) Sulphur yellow, large single flowers. Perpetual. Fragrant. Warm wall. 8 to 10 metres.
  Morning Jewel AGM C (Climbing floribunda) Climber with large pink flowers. Fragrant 3 to 4 metres. Repeat.Rosa Morning Jewel
  Mrs Herbert Stevens C (Climbing HT) Scroll like buds open to white flowers tinged green. Scented. 4 metres.
  mulliganii AGM * N T R (Species) Small, single flowers in enormous clusters. Flowers late in season. June/July. One flush. 4 metres.Rosa mulliganii
  multiflora Grevillei * NT R (Species Rambler) Free growing rambler with trusses of scented blooms Lilac pink to Rosa multiflora Grevillei white. 5 metres. One flush.
  New Dawn AGM * N C (Climber) Silver pink double flowers. Fragrant. Very perpetual. Good for cutting. 3 to 4 metres.Rosa New Dawn
  Rosa Nice DayNice Day AGM C (Miniature Climber) Free flowering. Clusters of small flowers of salmon pink. 2.4 metres.
  Rosa Noisette CarneeNoisette Carnee C (Noisette) Clusters of rosy red buds which open to pale pink semi double blooms. Richly scented. 2 metres. Perpetual.
  Rosa Open ArmsOpen Arms AGM C (Miniature Climber) Clusters of small double pale pink flowers throughout the summer. 2.5 metres.
  Rosa OpheliaOphelia C (Climbing HT) Pale blush pink flowers. Strong fragrance. Free flowering. Repeats. 4 metres.
  Rosa Parkdirektor RiggersParkdirektor Riggers * C (Modern) Deep crimson, almost single flowers. Repeats 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa Paul TransonPaul Transon AGM * R (Wichuraiana) A mixture of salmon, copper and yellow. Full and quartered. Fragrant. 3 to 4 metres. Repeats.
  Paul’s Himalayan Musk AGM   * N T R (Moschata) Clusters of many small soft pink flowers. Fragrant.  Good tree rose. 6 to 7 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Pauls Lemon PillarPaul’s Lemon Pillar * N Pale sulphur yellow, nearly white, double flowers. Fragrant. Up to 5 metres.
  Rosa Pauls ScarletPaul’s Scarlet Climber* N C/R (Climber) Clusters of brilliant scarlet unfading flowers. Often repeats. 3 to 4 metres.
  Peace Climbing C (Climbing HT) Large yellow blooms lightly flushed pink, long lasting. 3.5 metres. N/A 2016/17
  Rosa Penny LanePenny Lane AGM C (Climber) ROSE OF THE YEAR 1998. Honey-champagne flowers changing to pearl. Free flowering. 4 metres.
  Rosa Phyllis BidePhyllis Bide AGM * R (Rambler) Bunches of small yellow flowers, flushed salmon ink. Semi double. 3 to 4 metres. Continuous flowering.
  /Rosa Pink PerpetuePink Perpetue * C (Modern) Clear pink with a darker reverse. Double blooms with a slight fragrance. Dark green, glossy foliage. 4 to 5 metres.
  Rosa Pon Pom de ParisPompon de Paris C (China) Small deep pink rosette shape flowers. Well suited for growing in a large tub. One flush.
  Rosa Purple SkylinerPurple Skyliner R (Patio Rambler) Semi-double purple flowers with some white in the centre and yellow stamens. Scented and repeat flowering. 2.4 metres.
  Rosa Rambling RectorRambling Rector AGM * N T R (Moschata) Small, creamy white semi double flowers. Large clusters. Musk fragrance. 5 metres. One flush.
  Red New Dawn See Etandard
  Rosa Reve d OrReve d’Or R (Noisette) Semi double buff yellow with pink shading. Repeats. 4 metres.
  Sander’s White Rambler AGM * T R (Wichuraiana) Pure white semi double clusters. Very scented 4 metres. One flush.
  Rosa SchoolgirlSchoolgirl C (Modern) Orange apricot, HT shaped blooms. Very fragrant. Continuous flowering. 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa SeagullSeagull AGM * N T R (Rambler) Large clusters of single white flowers with yellow stamens. 8 to 9 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Climbing ShotsilkShot Silk AGM * N C (Climbing HT) Rich pink, suffused gold. Fragrant. 6 metres. Once flowering.

Rosa SnowgooseSnowgoose Rambler Dense sprays of small white flowers with narrow petals and a yellow centre. Height 3 metres. Spread 2 metres.

  Sombreuil C (Climbing Tea) Flat, quartered blooms of creamy white, sometimes tinted flesh pink at the centre. Repeats. 3 metres.
  Rosa Souvenir de Claudius DenoyelSouvenir de Claudius Denoyel C (Climbing HT) Double, cup shaped rich red to scarlet. Richly fragrant. Repeats. 4 metres.
  Rosa Souvenir de la MalmaisonSouvenir de la Malmaison C (Climbing Bourbon) Vigorous climber with large, blush pink scented flowers. 4 metres. Repeats. SEE ALSO SHRUB ROSES
  Rosa Souvenir de Dr JamainSouvenir du Docteur Jarmain (Climbing Hybrid Perpetual)Double, maroon crimson, opening flat. Good fragrance. Repeats. Height 1.8 metres. Spread 1 metre. BEST COLOUR IF NOT IN FULL SUN.
  Rosa Starlight ExpressStarlight Express C Deep pink flower. Fragrant. Summer flowering. Height 2.5 metres.
  Rosa Summertime Summertime C Rose of the Year 2005 (Climber) Clusters of small full petalled creamy-yellow flowers. Continuous flowering.2.4 metres.
  Rosa Summerwine hipsRosa SummerwineSummer Wine AGM C (Climber) Beautiful, single, fragrant blooms of coral pink with red stamens. 5 metres. Repeats.


  Rosa Super ElfinSuper Elfin AGM R (Rambler) Vivid orange-scarlet flowers. Good rambling Habit. Repeat. 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa Super FairySuper Fairy R (Rambler) Small soft pink double flowers. Good disease resistance. Repeat. 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa SwanlakeSwan Lake C (Modern) Double white with faint hint of pink in the centre. Repeats. Dark green foliage. 3 metres.
  Rosa SympathieSympathie C (Climbing HT) Velvety crimson HT flowers in clusters. Repeats. Fragrant. 3 metres.
  The Garland AGM * R (Moschata) Masses of semi double creamy white flowers. Sometimes tinged pink. Very fragrant. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa VeilchenblauVeilchenblau AGM * R (Rambler) Lilac blue clusters of tiny flowers. Fragrant.
5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa VioletteViolette R (Rambler) Clusters of small, crimson purple flowers. Golden
 stamens. One flush. 5 metres.
  Warm Welcome AGM C (Miniature Climber) Orange flowers, very free flowering over a long period. 2 to 3 metres.
  Rosa Wedding DayWedding Day * N T R (Rambler) White, flushed pink. Single in clusters. Prolific and fragrant. Good tree rose. 10 metres. One flush.
  Rosa White CockadeWhite Cockade C (Modern) Pure white, double flowers. Continuous flowering. 3 metres.
  Rosa Zephrin DrouhinZephirine Drouhin * N C (Climbing Bourbon) Bright carmine pink, semi double. Thornless. Very fragrant. Perpetual. 3 metres.