Climbers and Rambling

Climbing and Rambling Roses Plant Catalogue



R = Rambling  C = Climbing  Sh = Shrub
* = Will tolerate light shade. N = Will tolerate a North wall.
T – a good tree rose. AGM = Award of Garden Merit issued by the Royal Horticultural Societ


  A Shropshire Lad English Climber A full flower of soft peachypink with a strong fragrance. repeat flowering. Can be used as a shrub. Height 3 metres. Spread 1.5 metres.
  Rosa Adelaide d OrleansAdelaide d’Orleans AGM   (Semperflorens) Small, creamy white, semi double. Almost evergreen. Delicately scented. 5 metres One flush.
  Aimee Vibert * R (Noisette)  Clusters of small, pure white blooms. Fragrant. 4 metres. Repeat flowering.
  Rosa Alberic BarbierAlberic Barbier AGM * N T R (Wichuraiana) Creamy white with lemon tints, fully double, quartered.  Dark glossy foliage. Good scent. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa AlbertineAlbertine AGM T R (Wichuraiana) Copper buds opening to large, coppery pink  flowers. Glossy foliage. Heavy scent. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa AlchymistAlchymist * C (Modern) Large, full, rosette shaped flowers of pale yellow, flushed orange. 4 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Alecs red ClimberAlec’s Red Climbing (Climbing HT) Cherry Red, double, very fragrant flowers, repeat flowering. Height 5 metres.
  Rosa Alexander GiraultAlexandre Girault * R (Wichuriana) Large, full, quartered blooms of reddish pink.  Fragrant 4 metres. One flush.
  Alibaba (Climbing Floribunda) Glowing salmon, peach and reddish pink. Repeat flowering with an unusual strong fruity fragrance. 3 metres.
  Rosa Alister Stella GreyAlister Stella Gray * T C (Noisette) Dainty, yolk yellow buds opening to cream. Repeat. Fragrant. 5 metres.
  Rosa AlohaAloha AGM C (Climbing HT)  Pink with a coral centre. Full blooms. Fragrant.  Continuous flowering.  3 metres.
  Rosa AltissimAltissimo C (Modern) Large, single, velvety scarlet blooms. Dark foliage. Continuous flowering. 3 metres. Sold out until autumn 2019
  Rosa American PillarAmerican Pillar * R (Wichuraiana) Large trusses of single, bright pink with a white eye. Late flowering. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Arthur BellArthur Bell Climbing AGM C (Climbing floribunda) Enormous bunches of creamy yellow. Repeat flowering. 5 metres.
  Rosa banksiae luteabanksiae ‘Lutea’ AGM R (Species) As banksiae with butter yellow sprays of flowers.  7 metres. One flush.

  Rosa Bantry BayBantry Bay * N C (Climbing HT) Clusters of large, semi double to double bright pink flowers. Repeats. 4 metres.

  Rosa BelvedereBelvedere R (Rambler) Clusters of soft pink, cupped small flowers. Fragrant. 6 metres.


  Rosa BlossomtimeBlossomtime C (Modern) Interior light pink to rosy white, darker reverse. Very double, large flowers. Fragrant. Recurrent. 2 metres.


  Blush Rambler R (Rambler) Light pink semi double cupped flowers. Fragrant.  4 metres . One flush.Rosa Blush Rambler 2


  Rosa Blushing LucyBlushing Lucy R (Rambler) Clusters of loose, semi-double, pink flowers with a white centre and golden stamens. Fragrant. Unusually for a rambler repeat flowering. 4 metres.
  Bobbie James AGM * N T R (Rambler) Large heads of creamy white, semi double flowers.  Fragrant. Good growth. One flush. 10 metres.


  Rosa Breath of LifeBreath of Life C (Climbing HT) Very pale apricot-salmon flowers. HT type. Perpetual  flowering. 5 metres.


  Rosa Bright FireBright Fire C Smal orange vermillion to scarlet, scented, flowers. 3 metres.
  brunoni La Mortola
  Casino * N C (Climbing HT) Enormous pale yellow flowers. Scented. Repeats. 3 to 4 metres.Rosa Casino
  Celine Forestier
  Rosa Climbing Cecile BrunneCecile Brunner AGM   C (Climbing Chinensis)  Very vigorous, miniature, double shell pink flowers. 8 to 9 metres. Once flowering. 
  Rosa ColumbianColumbia C (Climbing) Strong pink, very fragrant conservatory rose. 2 to 3 metres.  Repeats.
  Rosa Compassion Compassion AGM C (Climbing HT) Pinky apricot, strong fragrance. Perpetual flowering.  Dark green foliage. 3 to 4 metres.


  Rosa CooperiCooperi C (Species) Large single white blooms, repeats. Dark polished foliage. 6 to 7 metres
  Rosa Creme de la CremeCreme de la Creme C (Climber) Very large white flowers gradually turningto cream. Scented. 4 to 5 metres.
  Rosa Crimson CascadeCrimson Cascade C Dark red, slightly scented. 2 metres.
  Rosa Crimson ShowersCrimson Shower AGM * R (Rambler) Rosy red small rosettes in clusters. Flowers mid summer and continuous to September. 5 metres.


  Rosa Cupid Rosa Cupid hipsCupid N C (Climbing HT) Large, almost single flesh pink flowers, tinted apricot. Vigorous. One flush. 4 metres.


  Rosa Danse de FeuDanse de Feu * N C/R (Modern) Double flame scarlet blooms with bronze tinted foliage. Repeat flowering. Slight scent. 4 metres.
  Rosa Deprez a fleuer JauneDesprez a Fleurs Jaunes * T C (Noisette) Flat, quartered flowers with a button eye. Lemon yellow with rose pink centre. Fragrant. 6 to 7 metres. Repeats. Sold Out until autmn 2019
  Rosa Dizzy HeightsDizzy Heights C Light red, slightly fragrant. 2.2 metres.
  Rosa Dorothy PerkinsDorothy Perkins R (Rambler) Clusters of powdery pink button flowers. Free flowering. 3 to 4 metres. One flush.
  Rosa DortmundDortmund AGM * C (Hybrid Scots Briar) Large, single crimson flowers with white centres. Will repeats if dead headed. Good hips in Autumn. 3 to 4 metres.


  Rosa Dreaming SpiresDreaming Spires C Bright golden yellow. Repeats. Dark green foliage. 4 metres.
  Rosa Dublin BayDublin Bay AGM C (Modern) Crimson scarlet, semi double clusters of flowers.  Perpetual flowering. Fragrant. 2 to 3 metres.
  Rosa Eden Rose Eden Rose 88 * C (Climbing HT) Creamy white, double, suffused pink. Fragrant  2 to 3 metres. Continuous.


  Rosa Emily GrayEmily Gray * N T R (Wichraiana) Semi double, buff yellow clusters of flowers. Glossy foliage, tinted bronze when young. 4 metres. One flush.


  Rosa Climbing Ena HarknessEna Harkness Climbing * N C (Climbing HT) Climbing version of the well-known HT. Crimson scarlet. 5 metres. Highly scented. Summer flowering.


  Etandard C (Was Red New Dawn) Medium red floribunda flowers with a slight scent. Repeat to continuous flowering. 4 metres. Rosa Etandard
  Rosa Etoile de HollandeEtoile de Hollande AGM C (Climbing HT) Deep red, large, very double flowers. Strong fragrance. Repeats. 4 metres.
  Rosa Felicite PerpetueFelicite Perpetue AGM * N T R (Rambler) Double, creamy white large clusters, delicate fragrance. Pink tinted buds. One flush. 5 metres.
  Rosa filipes Kiftsgatefilipes Kiftsgate AGM * T R (Species) Enormous bunches of single white flowers, scented. Good tree rose. Up to 10 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Frances E LesterFrancis E Lester AGM * N T R (Hybrid Musk)  White delicately tinted with blush at the edges. Strong fragrance. Orange hips in the Autumn. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Francois JuranvilleFrancois Juranville AGM * NT R (Wichuraiana) Flat, double salmon pink, tinged gold towards the centre. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Galway BayGalway Bay C (Climbing HT) Cerise pink, free flowering. Makes a good pillar rose. 3 to 4 metres. Perpetual.
  Rosa GardeniaGardenia * R (Wichuraiana) Shapely cream buds opening to blooms of milky white. Dark green, glossy foliage. 6 to 7 metres. Repeats.
  Rosa Ghislaine de FeligondeGhislaine de Feligonde *N R (Musk Rambler) Clusters of orangey-yellow flowers changing to creamy buff. Continuous. Almost thornless. 6 metres.
  Ginger Syllabub (Climber) Fully double apricot flowers with paler petals at the edges, scent. Repeat flowering. Height 2.5 metres.                                Rosa Ginger Syllabub
  Rosa Gloire de DijonGloire de Dijon C (Climbing Tea) Large, full buff to orange flowers. Scented and free flowering. Recurrent. 4 metres.
  Rosa GlorianaGloriana C (Miniature Climber) Small flowers of grape purple, free flowering. 3 metres.
  Rosa Golden ShowersGolden Showers AGM * N C (Modern) Bright yellow, semi double, fading to cream. Perpetual. Fragrant 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa GolfdfinchGoldfinch * C (Rambler) Large clusters of small button like yellow flowers .  Strong scent, 2 to 3 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Good as GoldGood as Gold  (Miniature Climber) Clusters of small yellow flowers with a good fragrance. 3 metres.
  Rosa Gruss an TeplitzGruss an Teplitz C (China Hybrid) Clusters of crimson flowers deepening with age, strong spicy scent. Perpetual. 2 metres. ALTHOUGH TECHNICALLY A SHRUB ROSE  ( In our Chinensis shrub rose section) IT CAN BE GROWN AS A SHORT CLIMBER
  Rosa GuineeGuinee C (Climbing HT) Dark, velvety red double flowers. Repeat. 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa HandelHandel AGM C (Modern) Creamy white, edged deep pink. Perpetual. 4 metres.
  Hidcote Yellow * NT C  (Climbing) Was known as Lawerence Johnston Bright yellow, semi double. Strong growth. Repeats. Height 7.5 metres.
  High Hopes AGM C Fragrant light pink HT shaped flowers. 3 metres.
  Rosa IcebergIceberg AGM * N C (Climbing floribunda) Masses of white flowers in large clusters 6 metres. Summer flowering.
  Rosa Climbing Lady HillingdonLady Hillingdon AGM C (Climbing HT) Apricot buds opening yolk yellow. Very fragrant. Glossy bronze foliage. Warm wall. 5 metres. Repeats.
  Lady Sylvia C (Climbing HT) Creamy, rose pink orange base. Double blooms. Fragrant. Repeat flowering. 5 metres.
  Laura Ford AGM (Climbing Miniature) Small clusters of amber yellow, pink tinged flowers, continuous flowering. Height 2.4 metres.Rosa Laura Ford
  Lawrence Johnston SEE HIDCOTE YELLOW
  Leaping Salmon C (Climbing HT) Beautiful clear deep salmon pink. Up to 3 to 4 metres. Repeats.Rosa Leaping Salmon
  Leverkusen AGM * C/R (Modern) Lemon yellow clusters of rosette shaped flowers. Fragrant. Continuous flowering. 3 Rosa Leverkusenmetres.
  Little Rambler AGM R (Miniature Rambler) Light pink sweetly scented flowers that fade with age, repeats. 2.5 metres. Rosa Little Rambler
  Rosa Mme Alfred CarriereMme Alfred Carriere AGM   * NT C (Noisette) Creamy white, tinged pink. Perpetual. Very fragrant. 4 to 5 metres.

Rosa Mme Alice GarnieMme Alice Garnier * R (Wichuraiana) Trusses of buff, apricot and pink. Fully double, very fragrant. One flush. 3 to 4 metres.

  Rosa Mme Caroline TestoutMme Caroline Testout  C (Climbing HT) Large, clear rose pink globular scented flowers. Repeats. 5 metres. 
  Mme Gregoire Staechelin AGM * N (Climbing HT) Large with a deeper pink reverse, semi double, very, scented. Once flowering 5 metres.

Rosa Maid of Kent

Maid of Kent C (Climbing Floribunda) Soft pink, semi double medium sized blooms. Light scent. Repeats. Strong & Vigorous. Height 3.5 metres.

  Rosa MaigoldMaigold AGM * C/Sh (Hybrid Scots Briar) Bronze yellow single blooms. Repeat flowering. Early fragrant . 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa Malvern HillsMalvern Hills R Clusters of medium to large clusters of scented soft-yellow double flowers. repeats. Very few thorns. Height 3 metres.
  Rosa Marechal NielMarechal Niel C (Noisette) Deep yellow, drooping blooms. Strong fragrance. For greenhouse or warm wall. Repeats. 5 metres.
   Rosa Climbing MasqueradeMasquerade Climbing C (Climbing Floribunda) Clusters of semi-double flattish flowers opening yellow and changing to red with age. 5 metres.
  Rosa May QueenMay Queen * N T R (Wichuraiana) Lilac pink, semi double flat flowers. Very fragrant. Repeats. Can be used as a climber. 5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa MermaidMermaid AGM N C (Climber) Sulphur yellow, large single flowers. Perpetual. Fragrant. Warm wall. 8 to 10 metres.
  Morning Jewel AGM C (Climbing floribunda) Climber with large pink flowers. Fragrant 3 to 4 metres. Repeat.Rosa Morning Jewel
  mulliganii AGM * N T R (Species) Small, single flowers in enormous clusters. Flowers late in season. June/July. One flush. 4 metres.Rosa mulliganii
  multiflora Grevillei * NT R (Species Rambler) Free growing rambler with trusses of scented blooms Lilac pink to Rosa multiflora Grevillei white. 5 metres. One flush.
  New Dawn AGM * N C (Climber) Silver pink double flowers. Fragrant. Very perpetual. Good for cutting. 3 to 4 metres.Rosa New Dawn
  Rosa Nice DayNice Day AGM C (Miniature Climber) Free flowering. Clusters of small flowers of salmon pink. 2.4 metres.
  Rosa Noisette CarneeNoisette Carnee C (Noisette) Clusters of rosy red buds which open to pale pink semi double blooms. Richly scented. 2 metres. Perpetual.
  Rosa Parkdirektor RiggersParkdirektor Riggers * C (Modern) Deep crimson, almost single flowers. Repeats 3 to 4 metres.
  Paul’s Himalayan Musk AGM   * N T R (Moschata) Clusters of many small soft pink flowers. Fragrant.  Good tree rose. 6 to 7 metres. One flush.
  Rosa Pauls Lemon PillarPaul’s Lemon Pillar * N Pale sulphur yellow, nearly white, double flowers. Fragrant. Up to 5 metres.
  Rosa Pauls ScarletPaul’s Scarlet Climber* N C/R (Climber) Clusters of brilliant scarlet unfading flowers. Often repeats. 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa Penny LanePenny Lane AGM C (Climber) ROSE OF THE YEAR 1998. Honey-champagne flowers changing to pearl. Free flowering. 4 metres.
  Rosa Phyllis BidePhyllis Bide AGM * R (Rambler) Bunches of small yellow flowers, flushed salmon ink. Semi double. 3 to 4 metres. Continuous flowering. Sold Out until autumn 2019
  /Rosa Pink PerpetuePink Perpetue * C (Modern) Clear pink with a darker reverse. Double blooms with a slight fragrance. Dark green, glossy foliage. 4 to 5 metres. Sold Out until autumn 2019 
  Rosa Pon Pom de ParisPompon de Paris C (China) Small deep pink rosette shape flowers. Well suited for growing in a large tub. One flush. 
  Rosa Purple SkylinerPurple Skyliner R (Patio Rambler) Semi-double purple flowers with some white in the centre and yellow stamens. Scented and repeat flowering. 2.4 metres.
  Rosa Rambling RectorRambling Rector AGM * N T R (Moschata) Small, creamy white semi double flowers. Large clusters. Musk fragrance. 5 metres. One flush. Sold ouit until autumn 2019
  Red New Dawn See Etandard
  Rosa Reve d OrReve d’Or R (Noisette) Semi double buff yellow with pink shading. Repeats. 4 metres.
  Rosy Mantle
  Sander’s White Rambler AGM * T R (Wichuraiana) Pure white semi double clusters. Very scented 4 metres. One flush.
  Scent from Heaven
  Rosa SchoolgirlSchoolgirl C (Modern) Orange apricot, HT shaped blooms. Very fragrant. Continuous flowering. 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa SeagullSeagull AGM * N T R (Rambler) Large clusters of single white flowers with yellow stamens. 8 to 9 metres. One flush.

Rosa SnowgooseSnow Goose Rambler Dense sprays of small white flowers with narrow petals and a yellow centre. Height 3 metres. Spread 2 metres.

  Sombreuil C (Climbing Tea) Flat, quartered blooms of creamy white, sometimes tinted flesh pink at the centre. Repeats. 3 metres.
  Rosa Souvenir de Claudius DenoyelSouvenir de Claudius Denoyel C (Climbing HT) Double, cup shaped rich red to scarlet. Richly fragrant. Repeats. 4 metres.
  Rosa Souvenir de la MalmaisonSouvenir de la Malmaison Climbing C (Climbing Bourbon) Vigorous climber with large, blush pink scented flowers. 4 metres. Repeats. SEE ALSO SHRUB ROSES Sold out until autumn 2019
  Rosa Souvenir de Dr JamainSouvenir du Docteur Jarmain (Climbing Hybrid Perpetual)Double, maroon crimson, opening flat. Good fragrance. Repeats. Height 1.8 metres. Spread 1 metre. BEST COLOUR IF NOT IN FULL SUN. Sold Out until autumn 2019
  Rosa Starlight ExpressStarlight Express C Deep pink flower. Fragrant. Summer flowering. Height 2.5 metres.
  Starlight Symphony C  Rose of the year 2019
  Rosa Summertime Summertime C Rose of the Year 2005 (Climber) Clusters of small full petalled creamy-yellow flowers. Continuous flowering.2.4 metres.
  Rosa Summerwine hipsRosa SummerwineSummer Wine AGM C (Climber) Beautiful, single, fragrant blooms of coral pink with red stamens. 5 metres. Repeats.


  Rosa Super FairySuper Fairy R (Rambler) Small soft pink double flowers. Good disease resistance. Repeat. 3 to 4 metres.
  Rosa SwanlakeSwan Lake C (Modern) Double white with faint hint of pink in the centre. Repeats. Dark green foliage. 3 metres.
  Rosa SympathieSympathie C (Climbing HT) Velvety crimson HT flowers in clusters. Repeats. Fragrant. 3 metres.
  Teasing Georgia (English Climber)
  The Generous Gardener  (English Climber)
  The Pilgrim (English Climber)
  Rosa VeilchenblauVeilchenblau AGM * R (Rambler) Lilac blue clusters of tiny flowers. Fragrant.
5 metres. One flush.
  Rosa VioletteViolette R (Rambler) Clusters of small, crimson purple flowers. Golden
 stamens. One flush. 5 metres.
  Warm Welcome AGM C (Miniature Climber) Orange flowers, very free flowering over a long period. 2 to 3 metres.
  Rosa Wedding DayWedding Day * N T R (Rambler) White, flushed pink. Single in clusters. Prolific and fragrant. Good tree rose. 10 metres. One flush.
  Rosa White CockadeWhite Cockade C (Modern) Pure white, double flowers. Continuous flowering. 3 metres.
  Rosa Zephrin DrouhinZephirine Drouhin * N C (Climbing Bourbon) Bright carmine pink, semi double. Thornless. Very fragrant. Perpetual. 3 metres.