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We can supply containerised roses throughout the year. Bare root roses are generally available from mid November, if we have enough early frosts,  to the end of January, sometimes to the end of February if still dormant. These can be sent by post. Up to 3 bare root roses by Royal Mail for £7.95. Bare root roses establish well and are slightly cheaper than those that are containerised. If you do not see the variety you require , we may be able to obtain it for you for the bare root season. Please remember that we order our roses in August and September, so please give us as much notice of your requirements as you can. The earlier you let us know the more likely we are to be able to help.

Roses are displayed on the nursery in their groups and in alphabetical order. If you need any help please ask a member of staff.

All of our Climbing and Rambling roses are displayed in alphabetical order and marked to show if they are climbers or ramblers.

Most roses prefer a rich soil in full sun, some are suitable for other positions and are marked accordingly.