Perennial Plant Catalogue


HEUCHERELLA Hybrid genus of Heuchera crossed with Tiarella. Best in partial shade and a moist well-drained soil.

Heucherella alba ‘Bridget Bloom’
Heucherellla Burnished BronzeHeucherella ‘Burnished Bronze’ Strong dark reddish bronze leaves with a metallic sheen. Pale pink flower spikes from April to July. Height 20cm. Spread 35cm. 
Heucherella Redstone FallsHeucherella ‘Redstone Falls’ Feathery sprays of white flowers, April to June. Red and orange leaves turn darker during the winter, evergreen. Height 25cm. Spread 60cm.
Heucherella Solar ElipseHeucherella ‘Solar Eclipse’ Feathery sprays of white flowers, April to June, Dark reddy brown leaves edged bright green, evergreen. Height 25cm. Spread 60cm.
Heucherella ‘Stoplight’ Feathery sprays of tiny, bell shaped, white flowers from April to June often continuing intermittently until autumn. Large bright yellow leaves, green later, with blood red spots in the centre. Height 25cm flower spikes. Spread 30cm. Best in partial shade.
Heucherella Sunrise FallsHeucherella ‘Sunrise Falls’ Feathery sprays of tiny, bell shaped flowers in May and June. Large palmate yellow leaves with central red markings. Evergreen. Height 60cm. Spread 60cm.
Heucheralla Sweet TeaHeucherella ‘Sweet Tea’ Whitish flowers. large coppery orange leaves with a burgundy blotch, evergreen. Height 45cm Spread 45cm
Heucherella TapestryHeucherella ‘Tapestry’ Free flowering stems of warm pink flowers in May and June. Stunning multicoloured and veined foliage. Height 45cm flower spikes. Spread 45cm. NO PROPAGATION WITHOUT A LICENCE.