Perennials Plant Catalogue


ALCHEMILLA (Lady?s Mantle) Ground covering perennial. Grows well in sun or shade in all but the wettest soils.

Alchemilla conjuncta (also known s Alchemilla alpina) Loose clusters of tiny, greenish-yellow flowers with conspicuous, outer calcyes appear from June to August. Mid green leaves with silvery edges. Height 15 cm. Spread 30 – 45 cm.
Alchemilla erythropodaAlchemilla erythropoda AGM Sulphur-yellow flowers appear from June to August. Grey green, scallop edged leaves. Height 15cm. Spread 20 to 30cm.
Alchemilla mollis AGM Feathery sprays of sulphur yellow, star shaped, flowers in June and July above a mound of downy, rounded and indented, palm green leaves which hold droplets of water after rain which give it a jeweled effect. Height 45 cm. Spread 60 cm. Seeds freely.