Perennial Plant Catalogue


OENOTHERA (Evening Primrose) Requires well-drained soil in full sun.

Oenothera ‘Crown Imperial’ Clusters of yellow flowers from June to August. Green leaves. height 60cm. Spread 30cm.

Oenothera speciosa FyverkeriOenothera fruticosa ‘Fyverkeri’ AGM (Was Oenothera tetragona ‘Fireworks’) Glossy deep red buds open to clear yellow flowers from June to September. Dark reddish green leaves. Height 45cm. Spread 30cm.

Oenothera macrocarpaOenothera macrocarpa AGM (Was O. missouriensis) Large, wide, canary yellow flowers, on prostrate stems, from June to September. Leaves narrow, dark green, with a silver mid-rib. Height 15cm. Spread 40cm.
Oenothera Siskiyou PinkOenothera speciosa ‘Siskiyou’ Large soft pink flowers appearing from June to September. Mid green leaves. Height 15 to 20cm. Spread about 60cm – spreading by a creeping rhizome.
Oenothera Summer SunOenothera ‘Summer Sun’ Large, yellow flowers, June to September. Deep, red tipped, green leaves. Height 80cm. Spread 40cm.

Oenothera ver. Sunset BoulevardOenothera versicolor ‘Sunset Boulevard’ Clusters of orange-lemon flowers changing to orange-red, June to July. Mid green leaves. Height 30cm. Spread about 30cm. Will seed itself.