Perennial Plant Catalogue


ASCLEPIAS  (Silk Weed) Needs a sunny site with a moist soil containing peat or leaf mould.

A. incarnata ‘Ice Ballet’  Heads of white flowers from June to August. Erect leafy mid green leaves. Height 100cm. Spread 60cm.

A. incarnata ‘Soulmate’ Heads of deep rose pink flowers with a white centre in June to August. A good bee friendly plant with erect leafy stems, mid green leaves. Height 1 metre. Spread 60 cm.
Asclepias tuberosaA. tuberosa Small, five-horned, bright orange red flowers are borne in summer and followed by narrow, pointed pods to a length of 15 cm. Long, lance-shaped leaves. Height 75 cm. Spread 45 cm.