Perennials Plant Catalogue


ACANTHUS are best grown in well drained fertile soil in full sun, although they will tolerate partial shade.
Acanthus hungaricus (was longifolius). Tall spikes of mauve flowers. Dull green, deeply cut leaves. Height 90cm. Spread 60 cm.
Acanthus mollis. Prickly spikes of mauve flowers from August to October. Large lobed, green leaves, semi-evergreen. Height 120 to 150 cm. Spread 90 cm.

Acanthus mollis Latifolius Group. Tall spikes of mauve flowers from June to August. Semi-evergreen rich shiny green cut leaves. Height 90 to 120cm Spread 90 cm.

Acanthus spinosus. Stately perennial that has very large, arching deeply cut and spiny pointed, glossy, dark green leaves, Spikes of soft mauve and white flowers appear from June to August Height 120cm. Spread 60 cm.

Acanthus ‘Whitewater’