Plant Catalogue – Grasses


Carex Moist
soil in sun or part shade.

Carex buchaniiC. buchanii AGM  Narrow bronze leaves, evergreen. height 45cm. Spread 30cm.
C. comans bronze Narrow bronze arching leaves, evergreen. Inconspicuous brown flower spikes. Height 30cm. Spread 75cm.
Carex comans Frosted CurlsC. comans ‘Frosted Curls’ Silvery green upright foliage, with the ends of leaves curling. Forming a neat small clump, evergreen. Height to 30cm. Spread 20cm.  
Carex elata AureaC. elata ‘Aurea’AGM Solid, triangular stems bear blackish-brown flower spikes in summer. Golden yellow leaves occasionally striped green, evergreen. Height to 60cm. Spread 45cm.  
Carex oshimensis EvergoldC. oshimensis ‘Evergold’ AGM (Was Known as Carex morrowii ‘Evergold’) Tufts of golden yellow flowers with yellow and green striped leaves. Height 20cm. Spread 20cm.