Soft Fruit


Catalogue – Soft Fruit

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BLACKBERRIES sweet and juicy, normally crops September to October. Thornless. 

Ouachita – mid season. very high yield on thornless canes

Reuben – fruits on current years growth, upright habit. A heavy yield of glossy fruits

Baldwin – mid/late season. High yields of  fruits on compact bushes. 

Ben Conan – Late season. High yields of large fruits on compact bushes, mildew resistant.

Ben Lomond AGM – mid season, upright, vigorous. Very sweet, heavy cropper. Some resistance to mildew.

Ben Nevis – vigorous tall, upright variety, mid to late season (July) high yield. Frost and mildew resistant.
Ben Sarek AGM – compact bush, highly productive, mildew resistant. 

Big Ben – early fruiting with berries much larger than most varieties. Mildew resistant.

Boskoop Giant – one of the earliest, large fruit.
Wellington XXX – early, mid season, fine flavour. Very heavy cropper. 


BLUEBERRIES Vaccinium corymbosum varieties – clusters of easily picked fruits of excellent flavour. Green leaves often turning red in autumn.

Aurora – latest (August to September) Small white or pinkish flowers in May. Mid to dark blue berries. Arching and spreading habit. 2 x 1.5 metres.

Bluecrop – mid season (July and August) Small white or pinkish flowers in May. Large clusters of light blue fruits. Height compact 1 to 1.5 metres.

Duke – early to mid season. Small white or pinkish flowers in May. Sweet light blue berries

BOYSENBERRIES Delicious, purple black fruits, July-August. N/A 2014


Cosford Filbert – abundant bearer with  the largest round nuts of a good sweet flavour. 
Kentish Cob – large, flattish nut of excellent flavour. Heavy cropper.


CRANBERRIES Scarlet berries ripen in autumn and stay plump and juicy through winter. 

Careless AGM – mid season, large yellow/green, smooth, berries of fine flavour. Heavy cropper. Spreading habit.

Hinnonmaki mid season, olive green fruits, best for cooking hardy and resistance to mildew

Hinnonmaki Gul – mid season, clear yellow/green fruits, slightly smaller than the red variety, hardy and resistance to mildew

Hinnonmaki Rod – mid season, sweet aromatic red fruits. hardy and resistance to mildew
Invicta AGM – mid season, best as a cooking variety, mildew resistant, heavy cropper. 
Leveller AGM – mid season, large, good flavoured yellow/green berries. 
Whinham’s Industry AGM – mid to late season, dark red, smooth berries very sweet.


LY654 AGM (Thornless) – light red, delicate flavour. 

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All Gold – yellow berries with a sweet flavour, mid August to October.

Raspberry Autumn Bliss Autumn Bliss AGM – self supporting, mid August to October.

Erika – a high yield of orange-red fruits, autumn fruiting.

Glen Ample AGM – Late July to late August, mid season, large berries of excellent quality and flavour. Large yields. Spine free
Glen Clova – early to late July, vigorous, good for freezing. Small fruits but a good cropper.
Glen Moy – mid June to late July firm fruit of good flavour. Canes almost spineless.
Leo AGM – late July to late August, high quality late summer fruits. 

Tadmor – late season, large bright red fruits, virtually spine free.

Tulameen – Late July to late August, bright glossy berries with a fine flavour, long crossover fruiting period. Tall canes with few spines.



Jonkheer van Tets – early flowering so best in areas not prone to late frosts, long trusses of large fruits. 
Laxton’s No: 1 – early, strong, upright habit. 
Red Lake AGM – mid to late, large quality fruits. 



Champagne – Reddish stems and a good flavour
Timperly Early AGM – well known tasty early variety. Excellent for forcing. 



Albion autumn good flavour and strong disease resistance

Alpine CT1 small fruits of excellent flavour

Buddy – ever bearer, fruits over a long period, good flavour.

Calypso – bright red shiny fruits, autumn fruiting.

Elsanta- mid season large glossy firm fruits

Florence – late good flavour, good resistance to mildew

Honeoye AGM early season good flavour

Symphony – bright glossy berries with good pink flesh.


TAYBERRY AGM   Raspberry/Blackberry cross, resembles a loganberry.

VINES see climbers – Vitis 

White Versailles (Versailles Blanche) – white grape, large and sweet.

WINEBERRIES – see shrubs – Rubus phoeniculasius 

WORCESTER BERRY Ribes divaricatum Like a cross between Gooseberry and Blackcurrant, slightly blue berries in clusters. Mild blackcurrant flavour sweet enough to eat from the bush