Plant Catalogue – Fruit and Vegetables


Top Fruit

Top fruit covers the range of fruit trees that we list. Fruit trees are available on different rootstocks and trained in different ways. We keep a selection of trees mostly trained as bush and half standards with a smaller choice of cordons, espaliers, fans and step-overs. Most of these will be in containers but we can supply bare root trees in the dormant season between November and the end of February. If we do not stock the variety or the method of training you require please ask and we will do our best to obtain it for you. We order fruit in early summer and the more specialist varieties often sell out well before the lifting and despatch season starting in November,  so please order early.

Soft Fruit

Most soft fruits are traditionally planted in the autumn and we continue to supply most fruit at this time. Some varieties, in small quantities, will be available in containers for planting later. If you require any fruit we do not stock please ask, as we will try to locate it for you for autumn supply.