Plant Catalogue – Ferns


Best in partial shade in a moist soil. 
Will tolerate dry soils.

A. felix-femina Dainty, lance-shaped, much
divided, arching, pale green fronds, deciduous. Height 60cm.  Spread 60cm

A. felix-femina Cruciatum Group Crested
green fronds30 ton 50cm long branching at the midrib to give
the appearance of a row buy levitra of crosses. Height 90cm.

A. felix-femina ?Frizzeliae? Long,
narrow, fresh green, fronds with small scallop like leaflets, deciduous ,
sometimes semi evergreen.  Height
and Spread 60cm.

A. niponicum var. pictum  Broad, triangular, divided, purple tinged, greyish green
fronds arise from a scaly, creeping, brownish or reddish rootstock. Height
60cm. Spread 45cm. Requires full shade, a moist soil and a sheltered site.