Ampelopsis Plant Catalogue – Climbers


AMPELOPSIS Deciduous, woody-stemmed tendril climber. For the
best production of berries, plant in a sheltered site in full sun.

A. brevipedunculata  Small insignificant flowers followed by spectacular porcelain blue berries. Three to five lobed green leaves. Height up to 5.4 metres.

A. bre. var. maximowiczii ? Elegans? Grown for its attractive foliage, the green leaves are heavily mottled white and tinged pink. Height can reach 1.5 metres. An excellent container and patio plant.

Ampelopsis megalophyllaA. megalophylla  Small insignificant flowers followed by top shaped fruits. Large leaves, 30 to 60cm long, made up of two leaflets. Height grows slowly up to 9 metres.