Actinidia Plant Catalogue – Climbers


deciduous, twining climber. Requires sun or partial
shade in a fertile soil.

A. deliciosa ‘Jenny’ SELF FERTILE creamy-white fragrant flowers in early summer. The edible greenish-brown fruits are early ripening (autumn). Hairy, heart-shaped, mid-green leaves with red tips, deciduous. Height: a twining climber to 6 metres. Spread 4 metres. A HERMAPHRODITE VARIETY SO NEEDS NO POLLINATOR.
A. deliciosa ‘Solo’ Creamy-white to buff-yellow flowers in August are followed by large edible fruits. Hairy, heart-shaped, mid-green leaves. A HERMAPHRODITE VARIETY SO NEEDS NO POLLINATOR
Actinidia kolomiktaA. kolomikta AGM   Grown for its leaves, the upper sections often creamy white and pink.. Has small,  cup-shaped white flowers in June. Height 5.5 metres. Requires full sun and well-drained, moist, soil.